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ENVELOPE is a one-stop creative studio based out of Richmond, Virginia, that offers everything from branding and website design, to content production. Through a combination of cultural literacy, market research, and community engagement, we ensure thoughtful and memorable visual communications. Our methods are backed by over 10 years of experience, and an agile approach to creative production that will cator to your business’ needs. Let us know how we can help at ︎
We provide creative direction across various media to create a range of collateral needed for your business, including branding material such as Logos, Websites, Social Media campaigns, Printed promotional material.

Content Creation
Be it photo/video campaign of your products, or a series of brand stories to keep your following informed, we can help you find the right solution for your branded content needs. 

Research & Media Strategy
We guide research and strategy to for-profit and non-profit projects alike. Whether it’s market research to best reach your customer or a survey for a local social issue, we can help.

Interior / Environment Design
Whether it’s window displays, interior builds/art installations, store signage, or wall art, we can help transform a space into an immersive experience that reflects your business’ ethos. From conceptualization to fabrication, let us help you make your interior vision come to life.
Event Production
Got an event idea? We can help you plan and execute you event, while offering creative consultation on how to get the most impressive outcome for your budget.

Art Consultation
Through a robust network of artists we will help you find the art that will suite your space, project, investment and/or financial means appropriately.

MISSION // Part community art organization, and part creative consultancy, Envelope endeavors to be an agency that promotes agency.  We are a multimodal platform where one can critique and contribute to the evolving discourse around art, nature and media. Through various forms of collaboration, we hope to foster a space for those that are interested in analyzing the past, and promoting a peaceful future.

PHILOSOPHY // An envelope is a threshold. Between private and public; objective and subjective. A membrane that holds things in, and a barrier that keeps things out. It’s an ontological immune system, politicized at its inception. It’s a womb that nurtures the growth of ideas, movements, and revolutions, yet can also become an echo chambers of ego and solipsism. It’s a network of liberating utopics, but also a bubble of exclusivity and hate.

The envelope is not the problem, nor is it the solution. It is the mirror we see ourselves in. It’s the architecture we build our societies on. The identities that give us purpose. But even seemingly impenetrable walls of stone, steel, and political ideology can be punctured by the slow persistence of critical discussion.

Like water and air, critical thought will find a way to deconstruct norms through cultural (thermo)dynamics. Oxidizing the occidental, eroding the monumental, and embracing the aberrant. The scaffolding, metaphysics, and subterrain that is generated by our present happenings. The types of envelopes we create, sustain, or destroy will define our futures together, and it is the task of the citizen–designer to interrogate these truths.